Visiting the Tavira Tower


Come into the Torre Tavira and enjoy the best views of Cádiz. Go back in time to the 18th century, when thanks to trade with the West Indies, Cadiz was at its most magnificent.

Ascend to one of the 134 watchtowers, the Tavira Tower, the highest point in the old part of the town and experience the Camera Obscura.

Come see it all from the Torre Tavira.


The terrace is the highest point of the tower and from here you can see the whole city and the bay.

Here you can find the optical instrument which works just like a periscope, allowing us to see a projection of the panoramic views of the city.

Camera Obscura

There are guided shows of the Cámara Obscura, with a capacity of 12 people per show to guarantee a good view on the screen.

A guide explains the history of the city and its monuments, using the optical instrument which offers a 360° panoramic-view of Cadiz. This truly is a unique tour of the city.

The duration of the show is about 15-20 min. The shows are offered in several languages, every half hour, all day long.

Second Exhibition Hall

The second exhibition hall, from which you can enjoy great panoramic views of the town and the bay, is dedicated to the 18th and 19th century in Cadiz. Two of the most important centuries of the modern history of the town, when the House of Trade was established in Cadiz, thanks to the development of trading.

In this hall we can find different panels that describe the harbour of Cadiz and its intense traffic from commercial routes with America, the traders’ houses and their watchtowers. It also explains why Torre Tavira became the official watchtower of the harbour of Cadiz in 1778, being the highest point of elevation in the old part of the town. Torre Tavira was named after its first watchman, D. Antonio Tavira.

Another panel talk about Spanish Constitution of 1812.

Panels of second hall

First Exhibition Hall

The first exhibition hall holds information panels about different themes related to the history and the evolution of the Camera Obscura.

The information of this first hall is mainly focused on the functioning of a Camera Obscura, its history throughout the centuries, as well as on other Camera Obscuras in Spain and in the rest of the world.

This hall is also equipped with a TV screen constantly projecting documentaries about the city of Cadiz.

The first hall also offers a specially designed area for children where they are able to colour and draw, as well as entertain themselves with different activities related to Torre Tavira.

First exhibition hall’s panels


The first lieutenant, Don Antonio Tavira, ascended these very stairs several times a day. In total there are three different floors where you can have a little rest, before you visit the Camara Obscura and the mirador from which you can enjoy a unique view of Cadiz.

The steps are easy to climb and all of them are decorated with pictures from different artists who were inspired by the “gaditano” watchtowers of the city. As such, the photos and paintings document the urban evolution of Cadiz.


At the Reception you can find three different zones:

  • Tourist Information, where visitors can obtain flyers about the different tourist attractions in Cádiz province, including city maps, information about activities and events, opening hours, etc.
  • A Souvenir Shop..
  • Ticket sales for the Tavira Tower and a detailed explanation about the tower, the Cámara Obscura, the exhibition halls, etc.

Our staff is pleased to be at your disposal at any time.


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